Things to do

Explore the local area

Nature lovers can enjoy the variety of trees, plants, flowers, birds and butterflies. You can also spot deer, foxes, squirrels, buzzards and owls.


The beautiful landscape has winding country roads and forest paths which lead to picturesque villages and hamlets. On foot, on a bike or by car, the choice is yours.
Small and hedge-lined meadows, on which Charolaise and Limousin cows live outside all year round, fields with golden grain, sunflowers and other crops are characteristic of this region. You will also find forest, lakes, winding streams and small villages where time doesn’t seem to matter. Enjoy the French countryside where life is simple and easy going.
Discover le Berry. Apart from a calm and peaceful nature, le Berry also has a vibrant culture, an exciting history and many markets.
Castles, churches, chapels, charming villages, museums, (classical) music concerts, gardens, vineyards, wineries, wine tastings, chocolate workshop, markets, flea markets, a 16 hole golf course & spa and many (water) sports activities. Le Berry has it all!